Stuck in glass

After years of trial and error, hundreds of broken glasses and a stiff drink or twenty, Stuck in Glass has created a mind-bending line of handmade glassware that captures a piece of your character in every glass. 


It all started with their original product, the bullet embedded in a glass back in 2015. People were amazed and the product was wildly successful.  Then came the questions and ideas from enthusiastic friends and customers about what else they wanted to see stuck in a glass.

 pint glass with poker coins on it

Dozens of drawings, some copyright and patent filings later and an initial line of Stuck In Glass®, they have created a new and exciting line of glassware with a goal in mind of ‘something for everyone’.


Every piece of glassware is individually hand embedded through a painstaking process. Their design team is at sunny Orlando, Florida facility where Stuck in Glass team personalize and ship all of the glassware.

 whisky glass with dices on it

Whether you’re a shark at the poker table, an ace on the golf course or just a well-heeled wino, Stuck in Glass handcrafted creations infuse a little bit of your personality into the very vessel you’re sipping from.


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