Infinity Led Beer Pong Table

Have you ever thought about taking your parties to another level? Something that would grab people's attention to the point where they'd beg you to do other and other parties?

Well, this is the specialty of Infinity Beer Pong. This local company located in Simi Valley, CA hand-crafts the most impressive beer pong tables you'll ever see.


led beer pong table

Their ratings are so good they border on perfection. Reaching almost 5 full stars on all reviews.

Each table manufactured is entirely customized to meet your requests. It has features you won't find on just any beer pong table. From the perpetual infinity mirrors to color-changing lights that flash to the music.

Take a look at the most amazing features:

  • Infinity Mirrors
  • Music Sensors
  • Color Remote
  • Steel Frame
  • Folding Table
  • Regulation Size
  • Customizable printing

It's time for you to stand out from the rest and throw the best party in your community. Visit Infinity Beer Pong for more details.