Brooklyn Brew Shop

You've probably already tasted beers of the most varied styles and already know which style you like the most. It doesn't matter if it's a light Pilsner or a complex barrel-aged Stout. Each beer has its own peculiarity. It is exactly these singularities that make beer such a complex and exuberant drink.

How about now you start brewing your own beer? I can already say that brewing beer is not a difficult task and you can brew any type of beer you desire. You just need the beer kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Their beer kits are compact, attractive, and designed for kitchens of all sizes. Making them the perfect introduction to brewing your own beer.


beer making kit

Available in a ton of seasonally inspired beer styles, it's easy to find the beer you're looking forward to brewing. Whether it's a light Belgian-Style Ale, a hoppy IPA, a creamy stout, or any other beer style, you can brew the beer you love to drink.

All brewing kits include the equipment and ingredients for your first batch. The equipment is reusable, so you'll just need a new Brew Mix for future batching.

Visit Brooklyn Brew Shop and start brewing your own beer now and send us a bottle, please. Cheers!!!