Beer Drop

As a craft beer lover, you have the need and the goal to taste the maximum amount of beers in the shortest amount of time. It's almost a race against time because it's humanly impossible to visit hundreds of breweries in a week or even a month.


But thanks to technology and our partnership with Beer Drop, you can virtually visit hundreds of breweries across the country and drink as many beers as possible. The sky is the limit when the beer list is endless.


By visiting Beer Drop you will be able to increase your tasted beer catalog and become more and more an expert in the sensory analysis of craft beers.


Have the freedom to:

  • Choose from thousands of beer options available on the market that you won't find anywhere else.


  • Drink beers from breweries that you won't find on The Craft Beer Club. So, they end up complementing each other.


  • Have the chance to get FREE beers.


  • Have a variety of beers delivered to your front door every month in a very short time.


  • Enjoy the most elaborate beers for just $4 each.


  • Never worry about variable shipping rates. No matter how many beers you order, shipping will only be $5 (ALWAYS) thanks to our partnership.


  • Taste award-winning micro-breweries beers throughout the month.


  • Have exclusivity to taste fresh, special, release beers.

Besides being a GREAT gift option for that friend or family crazy about craft beer.

Visit BEER DROP for more information. Their website is clean, straight-forward, and smells like malt and hops.