About Us

Who Are We?

Before talking about Beer Throne itself, we need to talk about its creator first. Well, my name is Raphael, and I've been in love with the world of craft beer since the first time I tasted an APA from a local brewery in California. Since then, I have only increased my catalog of tasted craft beers, and I hope one day I will have tasted at least a few craft beers from all the local breweries in the US. And as I never dreamed small, I have also started tasting craft beers from other countries that have a significant presence in the local beer market such as Canada, UK, Australia, and Brazil.

Since high school, I had already decided that I wanted to study more about beer and because of that, I decided to study Chemical Engineering, and after graduation, I ventured into the Master's course in Industrial Engineering.

Then you ask yourself: Why the hell did you not pursue a career as an engineer or as a university professor?

Well, my desire to become an entrepreneur was something out of the ordinary. I had no intention to act as an engineer and work in the large industries that already dominate a large part of the market. I wanted to have my own company and impact the local market in some way. It was from there that I had the brilliant idea of ​​joining my two passions (beer and entrepreneurship) into one, and that was how Beer Throne came about.

Beer Throne officially appeared in 2018. The main idea was to be a clothing brand company aimed at local beer lovers. Gradually Beer Throne grew, recycled several times, and the desire to want to further impact the local beer market kept increasing. Currently, Beer Throne has a very diverse catalog. From themed clothes for the craft beer lover to glasses of the most varied styles that you can only find here.

And as dreaming big is part of our lifestyle, we recently started to create and supply whisky and wine glasses & decanters, cocktail glasses, and coffee mugs. A good brewer is not limited to just drinking a local beer. We are adventurous and tasting other drinks is part of our daily lives, it makes us who we are. Beer Throne is a way of life and we are BRANDED IN BEER.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the most unique products that will impact and strengthen the local US beer market. In addition to officially making you Branded In Beer.

Where are we located?

We are physically located in Dover, DE, 19901. 

Send us a message at (540) 252-0172 or email us at support@beerthrone.com.