About Us

Branded in Beer

Providing our happy-hour friends with top notch, stylish, one-of-a kind fashionwear and accessories is our mission and pride. If you love craft beer like we do, if you treasure friendship and memorable moments, and always find opportunities to enjoy a warm-hearted happy hour, we are positive that the "Beer Throne" is a mandatory pit-stop for you.

Now, sit back, pick up a cold bottle of your favorite brew and enjoy your visit. We are branded in beer. Make yourselves at home.

Our Mission

As a local business, we aim to go far but without losing the essence of regionalism (maintaining close and human contact with our audience). Soon we will be the largest brand in the craft beer business that does not sell beer (yet).

Where are we located?

Our business is located in Dover, DE.  

Our designs are made with high quality materials to meet all our quality standards. 

The official Craft Beer Clothing Brand. If you are a beer 

lover, you are more than welcome.