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The High Stange - Beer Glass (1 set)

The High Stange - Beer Glass (1 set)

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The Stange glass - named after the German word for pole - is narrow, straight, and cylindrical. Like a flute of champagne, the Stange concentrates soft aromas of hops and malt and preserves carbonation. It is indicated for delicate beers like Kölsch, Bocks, Lambics, Gose, Czech Pilsners, Rye Beer, Altbier, and Rauchbier.

It can also be perfectly used for red wines and champagnes. 

Product details:

  • The package comes with:
    • 2x The High Stange Beer Glasses
  • Material: Made of the best Lead-Free Crystal Glass.

  • Volume: 6.7 oz (200ml).

  • Ecologically Sustainable.

  • Safe to use under -4°F (-20°C) to 266°F (130°C).

  • Product size: 1.8in x 2.7in x 9.8in. = 4.4cm x 7cm x 25cm

  • Certification: CIQ, FDA, CE/EU

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