About Us

Who We Are?

Beer Throne officially opened in 2018. The main idea was to be a clothing brand aimed at craft beer lovers by producing customized clothes that refer to the universe of beer and that only the true lovers of a good craft beer would understand the concept.

But as time went on, we realized that our purpose was much greater. We didn't want to be just a clothing brand, we wanted to impact the craft beer market in a way never seen before. Spreading the brewing culture not only with themed clothes and unique products but also by sharing knowledge and making partnerships with local breweries and local companies.

Therefore, we aim to make your life even more Branded in Beer. From enhancing the uniqueness of your social media with our products to providing solid knowledge about the world of beer.

We have the right products to make your life more Branded in Beer. Products that will make your photos unique, irreplaceable and that will make the brewing community's eyes sparkle. Products that will wow your friends and family. Products that will give you the spotlight you deserve to have. Products that will make you feel good about yourself. 

In addition to providing through our blog and email, exclusive content about the world of craft beer that will make you the best connoisseur of the brewing world. Besides putting you closer and closer to the thousands of craft breweries across the country.

Our Mission

Our quest is to disseminate the beer culture by:

  • Providing unique and bold products that will make you the spotlight of the brewing community.
  • Creating exclusive content concerning the beer universe that will make you a real beer connoisseur.
  • Making partnerships with thousands of local craft breweries and local companies to support the local market.

Where we are located?

We are located in Dover, DE, 19901. 

Send us a message at (540) 252-0172 or email us at support@beerthrone.com if you want to know more about us.