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The Tiki God - Beer Glass (1 Set)

The Tiki God - Beer Glass (1 Set)

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Tiki or "Tiki God" is considered a Polynesian God or a physical representation of an ancestral Polynesian figure, usually in stone or wood. An important relationship between Tiki and man was made through "Tiki revelations", which would be the acts of "bravery", "wisdom" or "strength".

Something very interesting about Tiki is that the god was considered simultaneously as a single unit but divided into several forms or personalities: Ku (war), Lono (peace and fertility), Kane (light and life), and Kanaloa (sea).

Product details:

    • The package includes 2 Glasses
    • Material: Lead-free glass.

    • Volume:

      • Small: 15.9oz (472ml);
      • Big: 20oz (591ml);
    • Ecologically Sustainable.

    • Product size:

      • Small: 4.65in x 3.15in = 11.8cm x 8cm
      • Big: 6.70in x 2.91in = 16.9cm x 7.4cm
    • Certification: CE/EU, EEC, CIQ

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