Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter
Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter
Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter
Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter
Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter

Mjolnir - Whisky Decanter

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Mjölnir: the one that crushes; it is the hammer of the god Thor, son of the chief Norse god Odin.

Characteristically shaped like an anvil, the instrument is represented as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of flattening mountains.

The mjölnir is so heavy that only Thor, with his gigantic strength, is able to wield it.

But now you'll also have the chance to own the most powerful hammer in the universe. While drinking your favorite Whisky and/or Bourbon. 


Don't miss the opportunity to obtain a bold and unique decanter that will enrich the beauty of your spirit and WOW your friends.


Product details:

  • Material: Handmade Lead-Free Borosilicate Glass Decanter + Acrylic stopper + Silicone stopper ring

  • 100% Brand New & High Quality
  • It can also be used as a Cognac or liquor decanter.
  • Volume: 13.8oz = 400ml

  • Weight: 0.5lb = 222g
  • Product size: 9in x 5.3in= 23cm x 13.5cm

  • Certification: CE/EU, CIQ, FDA.

  • Ecologically Sustainable.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Alex Davidson
    Mjolnir whisky decanter

    Needs to be bigger, atleast 750ml, to fit a full bottles worth of scotch

    Anthony G.
    Nice Quality

    Better than the pictures and video.

    Rico Considine

    It's not as big as I imagined, but it looks very nice! It's just like the photograph :)

    Giuseppe Denesik

    A little thin glass


    Unique product for a spirits lover. I will recommend and probably purchase it again. Thanks!