Top Breweries in Alabama - A professional brewer's guide

One of the richest states for its natural beauty and exuberant culture, it is also home to many renowned craft breweries.


The state of Alabama is very rich when it comes to quality beer. And it's only fair to do some research to discover the BEST local breweries in the region. Without further ado, let's get down to business.


Top Craft Breweries in AL according to Beer Throne Research:


Avondale Brewing Co.

Avondale Brewing has a huge historical bag and is located in the city of Birmingham, AL. It was declared the best local brewery of the year 2015 and to this day it conquers the palate of brewers across the country.

It has a tap list with 7 beers that are produced throughout the year and 2 seasonal beers that are produced in certain occasions. In addition to being famous for its unrivaled hospitality and for having a unique yard that hosts events throughout the month.


Old Majestic Brewing Company

Located in the city of Mobile, AL, Old Majestic Brewing is steeped in history. Starting with the name itself, which is a tribute to the Majestic oak tree, which is the national tree of the USA and also represents the city's history. They have about 12 beers on their taplist. From refreshing Belgian Pale Ale to stronger beers like IPAs and Stouts.


Back Forty Beer Co.

The Back Forty Beer is located in the city of Birmingham, AL. It has an interesting story that starts with the creation of the name “Back Forty”, related to the 40 acres of land that are historically the most challenging land to maintain. Their beers have been carefully planned to refer to the styles and flavors enjoyed by southerners years ago.


Common Bond Brewers

Located in the city of Montgomery, AL, the brewery was founded by local residents in 2018. The brewery plays an important role in the city and is a meeting point for friends and tourists. They have 16 types of beer on their taps to suit the most varied tastes.


Fairhope Brewing Co.

Located in the beautiful city of Fairhope on the Gulf Coast, Fairhope Brewing Co. produced its first batch in the year 2012 and in 2013 it officially opened its doors to the public. They have about 14 types of beers in their taps and 1 type of cider. All this variety is offered to satisfy all types of brewers. From pilsens to IPAs, RIS and Tripels.


Big Beach Brewing Co.

Located in the city of Gulf Shores, AL, Big Beach Brewing is known for delivering fresh craft beer, meaning it comes straight from the tank into your glass. They basically offer every kind of ale you can imagine and hold regular events at their facility. It was one of the first craft breweries in the region and to this day it captures the hearts of locals and tourists visiting the brewery.


Ferus Artisan Ales

Located in the city of Trussville, AL, Ferus Artisan Ales values authenticity. The name comes from the Latin and means “savage, fierce, wild” and these adjectives define the modus operand of Ferus team. A brewery that loves to venture into the brewing of its beers, producing wild and unique styles like its unfiltered German pilsen, its bitter IPAs, its potent STOUS, and its incredible Barrel Aged beers.


Fractal Brewing Project

Located in Huntsville, AL, Fractal Brewing is a complex and organized brewery. The name refers to fractal elements, which are tiny, simple-shaped structures that when put together become uniquely complex and exuberant: just like the city's culture. The brewery has a diverse tap house including non-alcoholic beers, kombuchas, and teas.


Goat Island Brewing

The story began in 2011 because of a brewmance between 2 exceptional homebrewers. In 2015 they opened the doors of Goat Island Brewing in Cullman, AL. Its beers are governed by art, creativity, quality and flavor, and it has been conquering the palate of artisan beer lovers.


Old Black Bear 

Built by craft beer lovers, Old Black Bear Brewing is located in Madison, AL. It has a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful menu with 8 types of beer, 7 types of cocktails, and several appetizers that accompany each drink very well.


Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Located in the city of Dothan, AL, this brewery was built on an old farm in 1962. The brewery location is very quiet and you can enjoy nature while tasting your beers and chatting with your friends and family. Their tasting room has 14 varieties of beer and over 8 house-made meads. Definitely a brewery to visit when in AL.


Yellowhammer Brewing

Opened in Huntsville in 2010, Yellowhammer Brewing devotes much of their time to brewing classic Belgian and German beers with a southern twist. The brewery has grown a lot since its opening and has practically doubled in size. They have more than 20 beers on tap and brew other exotic styles in some seasons.


Cahaba Brewing Co.

Founded in 2011 in Birmingham, AL, Cahaba Brewing Company has become so notable that it has become a “tourist spot” in the city. Currently, they have more than 26 beer taps available in their tap room, which are produced in the brewery's eight fermenting tanks. In addition to offering events with local attractions every month.


Trim Tab Brewing

Founded in 2013 in the city of Birmingham, AL, it is a brewery obsessed with producing top quality beers and specializes in its IPAs, Stouts, and expressive fruited sours. Their beers are quickly consumed because of their quality. So if you want to taste them, you better run.


All these unique breweries deserve our CERTIFIED BEST BEER BADGE by BEER THRONE

Now we want to know from you. What is the best brewery in Alabama in your opinion? Share with us bellow.



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