America's Top Breweries in 2021 - Ranked by State

As craft beer lovers, our main role is to spread the beer culture in every possible way. To do this, we're launching the annual best brewery by state contest. All data were based on a survey of our company's consumers and stakeholders. The aim here is to promote the breweries around the country and show Americans and foreigners that America is the country with the largest number of renowned craft breweries in the world.

American breweries are unique, authentic, and each has a beautiful story behind the scenes. We may not be the pioneer country in beer production, but we are certainly one of the most important countries in the beer market today, if not THE most important.

To find out which are the best breweries by state, just click on one of the links below:



Avondale Brewing has a huge historical bag and is located in the city of Birmingham, AL. It was declared the best local brewery of the year 2015 and to this day it conquers the palate of brewers across the country.

It has a tap list with 7 beers that are produced throughout the year and 2 seasonal beers that are produced on certain occasions. In addition to being famous for its unrivaled hospitality and for having a unique yard that hosts events throughout the month.



Located in the city of Mobile, AL, Old Majestic Brewing is steeped in history. Starting with the name itself, which is a tribute to the Majestic oak tree, which is the national tree of the USA and also represents the city's history. They have about 12 beers on their tap list. From refreshing Belgian Pale Ale to stronger beers like IPAs and Stouts.


The Back Forty Beer is located in the city of Birmingham, AL. It has an interesting story that starts with the creation of the name “Back Forty”, related to the 40 acres of land that are historically the most challenging land to maintain. Their beers have been carefully planned to refer to the styles and flavors enjoyed by southerners years ago.


Located in the city of Montgomery, AL, the brewery was founded by local residents in 2018. The brewery plays an important role in the city and is a meeting point for friends and tourists. They have 16 types of beer on their taps to suit the most varied tastes.


Located in the beautiful city of Fairhope on the Gulf Coast, Fairhope Brewing Co. produced its first batch in the year 2012, and in 2013 it officially opened its doors to the public. They have about 14 types of beers in their taps and 1 type of cider. All this variety is offered to satisfy all types of brewers. From pilsens to IPAs, RIS and Tripels.


Located in the city of Gulf Shores, AL, Big Beach Brewing is known for delivering fresh craft beer, meaning it comes straight from the tank into your glass. They basically offer every kind of ale you can imagine and hold regular events at their facility. It was one of the first craft breweries in the region and to this day it captures the hearts of locals and tourists visiting the brewery.


Located in the city of Trussville, AL, Ferus Artisan Ales values authenticity. The name comes from Latin and means “savage, fierce, wild” and these adjectives define the modus operand of the Ferus team. A brewery that loves to venture into the brewing of its beers, producing wild and unique styles like its unfiltered German Pilsner, its bitter IPAs, its potent STOUS, and its incredible Barrel-Aged beers.


Located in Huntsville, AL, Fractal Brewing is a complex and organized brewery. The name refers to fractal elements, which are tiny, simple-shaped structures that when put together become uniquely complex and exuberant: just like the city's culture. The brewery has a diverse tap house including non-alcoholic beers, kombuchas, and teas.

Goat Island Brewing is a highly decorated brewery in the German heritage town of Cullman, in the heart of North Alabama. They focus on high end beers using the best ingredients and the best processes, even if it costs more to make these beers. The result is some of the tastiest beers you will ever encounter. While they have a strong German influence, they do some great American and British style beers as well. Some popular choices are their Big Bridge IPA, Blood Orange Berliner Weisse, and their Crane Hill Kolsch. Their Duck River Dunkel took home the Silver medal in a recent Great American Beer Fest.


Built by craft beer lovers, Old Black Bear Brewing is located in Madison, AL. It has a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful menu with 8 types of beer, 7 types of cocktails, and several appetizers that accompany each drink very well.


Located in the city of Dothan, AL, this brewery was built on an old farm in 1962. The brewery location is very quiet and you can enjoy nature while tasting your beers and chatting with your friends and family. Their tasting room has 14 varieties of beer and over 8 house-made meads. Definitely, a brewery to visit when in AL.



Opened in Huntsville in 2010, Yellowhammer Brewing devotes much of their time to brewing classic Belgian and German beers with a southern twist. The brewery has grown a lot since its opening and has practically doubled in size. They have more than 26 taps , and they also make wine and distill their own spirits. Along with their seasonal brews they also have seasonal craft cocktails.

Founded in 2011 in Birmingham, AL, Cahaba Brewing Company is a microbrewery and tasting room. They have more than 26 beer taps of experimental craft beer produced in the brewery's 14 fermenting tanks. In addition to offering events that support the local community every month.


Founded in 2013 in the city of Birmingham, AL, it is a brewery obsessed with producing top-quality beers and specializes in its IPAs, Stouts, and expressive fruited sours. Their beers are quickly consumed because of their quality. So if you want to taste them, you better run.




This brewery has a lot of history and passion. Its trajectory began in 1986 when its shrewd founders decided to open Alaskan Brewing Co in Juneau, AK. Becoming the 67th independent brewery in the country and the first in the region. Their beers reflect the flavors of those produced at the time of the gold rush and today they have more than 8 labels on their taps. But to further differentiate themselves, they use regional inputs such as pure glacial water, spruce tips, and alder smoke, an indigenous hardwood tree.


Located in the city of Juneau, AK. Barnaby Brewing CO. has award-winning beers and about 8 different styles of beer in its taproom. It is considered a tourist spot in the city besides having a cozy taproom.


Located in Anchorage, AK, King Street Brewing has about 8 beers on its tap list and some special editions are brewed each month. It has previously been awarded the best brewery in the city of Anchorage, according to the local press.


Denali Brewing is located in the mountain town of Talkeetna, AK. They opened their doors in 2009 and since then the brewery has not stopped growing. Thus, being able to receive more craft beer lovers and produce larger batches of beers of different styles.


The brewery is located in the city of Palmer, AK. They offer 16 different types of beer and produce small batches of special beers throughout the year. Each label has a unique design, worthy of a very high-quality beer.


Located in Skagway, AK, Skagway Brewing's signature beer is a Blond Ale brewed with Spruce Tip. They use the city's crystal clear waters to make their beers and make it even more exclusive. They are also proud to say that they use a fully sustainable brewing process through hydroponic techniques.


Founded in 1999 through a lot of effort, dedication, and support from the local population. Haines Brewing is located in a beautiful site surrounded by nature in the city of Haines, AK. They currently have about 8 beers in their taping room and there is no other better place to spend the day, enjoy nature, and hold a cold glass of beer.


Located in the city of Soldotna, AK, Kenai River Brewing opened its doors to the community in 2006. Since then it has been expanding its facilities to serve a growing audience. They are known for their diversity and creativity as well, having almost 20 different types of beer on their tap list.


Located in Fairbanks, AK, HooDoo Brewing was finally founded in 2011 after its owner spent years studying business and the art of making good beer. It has a cozy indoor and outdoor patio and its tap list are very versatile with many beer options to be chosen and enjoyed.




Saddle Mountain Brewery is located in the city of Goodyear, AZ, and has several major awards. It is a brewery full of history and passion, which was created after 15 years of many homebrewing experiments.


Located in the heart of Tucson, AZ this brewery has over 20 beer styles on tap. They are best known for their Goses and Sours, which are intentionally more acidic and tart. It is also worth mentioning that they are famous for the handcrafted Temales that harmonize perfectly with some of the beers produced by them.


Located in the Green Gables neighborhood of Phoenix, the Wren House Brewing Co focuses on quality and science. And uses this combination to explore the various brewing techniques. They have about 16 beers in their taproom.


Considered the oldest brewery in the state of AZ, Barrio Brewing opened in 1991. It's located in downtown Tucson, but its beers can be found almost everywhere in Arizona. They have about 14 beers on tap and have a diverse menu with several appetizer options that suit each type of beer.


Located in the cities of Tempe and Chandler, Pedal Haus Brewery has been collecting awards over the years. They host local events throughout the week, they also offer happy hour Monday through Saturday and have over 12 beers and taps.

Located in the beautiful city of Lake Havasu, AZ. The College Street Brewhouse produces delicious, artisanal, and award-winning beers. They have approximately 12 different beers on tap that will dazzle all beer lovers.

Also located in the city of Tucson, AZ. Borderlands Brewing Co. brews quality beer and is one of Southeast Arizona's premier breweries. They have around 14 different beers on taps and a unique food menu.


Located in the friendly city of Flagstaff, AZ, this brewery has a select collection of beers and whiskeys. In addition to providing a cozy and casual atmosphere typical of a local pub. They have around 9 different beers on taps and provide a diverse range of regional whiskeys.


BlackRock Brewers is located in the city of Tucson. They currently have about 8 beers on their taps. In addition to having a varied harmonic menu that will enhance your sensory experience.


Greenwood Brewery is located in the city of Phoenix, AZ. It is a women-owned-brewery that conquers the palate of beer lovers and those who love a good chit-chat. It officially opened in 2017 and has since welcomed thousands of visitors.

The Helton Brewing Co is located in central Phoenix, AZ. Their beers are brewed with a passion for the art of beer as well as science. Its brewmaster has won multiple awards throughout his career and has brewed over 60 different styles of beer. Currently, they have 6 beers that are served year-round and produce some seasonal batches.


The Catalina Brewing Company story officially began in 2009 in the city of Tucson, AZ. They currently have over 7 beers on their tap and host local events at their facility.


Built on the facilities of an old ice house in the city of Tempe, AZ, the Four Peaks Brewery opened its doors in 1997 after much planning and dedication. They have a unique style and apply this uniqueness to all their beers. They have a varied menu of year-round and seasonal beers.


Located in the city of Chino Valley, AZ. It is a relatively new brewery but it delivers a rebellious, revolutionary, and top-notch beer.

Located in the city of Prescott, AZ the Lazy G Brewery won the 2021 Best Brewery of the Year award. They have about 15 beers on tap and also produce mead, kombucha, cider, and wine.


Located in the city of Pine, AZ which is surrounded by the Arizona desert, THAT Brewery was officially opened in 2012. They currently have about 8 types of beer on their tap and are always testing new beers periodically.


The Historic Brewing Co. officially opened in 2013 and it is located in the city of Flagstaff, AZ. Their dilemma is to provide the community with a very high-quality beer with a bold touch. They also have a diverse catalog of beers and appetizers.

Lochiel Brewing is located in the city of Mesa, AZ. They use the classic Scottish brewing method but adapted to modern brewing equipment. They use 7 malt varieties to produce 12 different styles of beer.


The brewery was founded in 2014 in the city of Tucson, AZ also known as the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Its staff creativity led to the production of fresh, unique beers that use local ingredients. Thus, enhancing the consumer's brewing experience.


Located in the center of the beautiful city of Mesa, AZ. 12 West Brewing was founded in 2016 using only a one-barrel system to brew its beers. After its absolute success, the owners have been upgrading their brewing system to the current 10-barrel system. They have about 15 different styles of beer on tap.


The Verde Brewing Company is a Farm-to-Mug Brewery and it was founded in 2013. The brewery is located in the city of Camp Verde, AZ. They have a nice variety of beers on tap to suit all tastes.


Located in the city of Scottsdale, AZ, Craft 64 Brewing will provide you with a unique brewing experience. They have about 8 beers of different styles on tap.


Oak Crew Brewing is located in the city of Sedona, AZ, and has been producing quality craft beers for over 20 years. They have a diverse tap, delicious food, a beautiful beer garden, and live music every day of the week. They currently have about 8 beers on their tap.


Located in the city of Lakeside, AZ, it is the only brewery in the region that uses the classic Belgian school. Its beers have won 2 awards in recent years. They currently have about 9 different beers on their taps.


SanTan Brewing officially opened in 2007 in downtown Chandler, AZ. Over the years, its beers have won national and state awards. They have so many years of experience that in addition to producing renowned beers, they also started to produce their own Spirits.


This brewery is located in the city of Flagstaff in a building of a former local logging company and opened its doors in 2010. Its owners have created a unique menu to accompany their award-winning beers. They currently have 7 beers produced around the year.


Tombstone Brewing Co was founded in 2016 in the city of Tombstone, AZ. They are experts in brewing for both ales and lagers. And this uniqueness made them a meeting place for craft beer lovers.


Located in the city of Flagstaff in the high country of Arizona, Wanderlust Brewing is a microbrewery that loves to venture into brewing. They have a special fondness for Saisons and Farmhouse-style Ales but produce beers from all classical schools.


North Mountain Brewing is located in North Central Phoenix, AZ. It is a family brewery that provides a varied menu, delicious beers, and a place for you to relax and meet friends and family. They currently supply 9 types of beer that are sold in packs and 20 varieties of beer served in their taps.


Located in Tempo, AZ, the Shop Beer Co values ​​consistency, quality, and creativity to produce its beers. This led them to produce a diverse and differentiated beer catalog that is available on their taps and on the to-go menu.

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